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Growing together.

Whoever you are, wherever you're from, you are welcome here.

Our Youth Ministry is called REAL Teens, because we are about building real and authentic relationship with others, and with God to the glory of God, His love, and the Gospel through every area of our life. It is our desire that each student moves closer to Jesus by spending time in our ministry. We also want our students to put their arm around someone else and help their peers move closer to Christ. In short, we're moving ourselves and others to Christ.

CCF Kids' Hub Monthly Activity Box
CCF Virtual Ministry 

Middle School Series

1st and 3rd Friday of Every Month 

Get Connected. Go Deeper.


We connect with students twice a month on  Friday for the purpose of sharing life and faith with one another.

On  focus is large group  study, discussion, and building great relationship.  This includes praying with friends,  joining together in Bible study, and sharing a meal.  

Middle School Cohort

Our Middle School Cohort will meet once a month by Zoom.  More info coming soon....

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