Fall Cohorts 2020

Cohorts at CCF :
Cohorts have become even more valuable to CCF during this season of social distancing.  Cohorts are small groups that enable interactive communities to form,  groups of people coming together around discussion and learning of a specified topic.  The learning occurs not only through the teacher explaining the key points, but also by the relationships of talking and sharing with others in the cohort.  A safe community, where one can share thoughts and questions, and value hearing the thoughts of others.  For the fall,  Cohorts are on Zoom and people can join from far distant places in the world!  That is a whole additional dimension of community!
Community occurs when we intentionally reach out beyond the walls of our homes and engage with others, in person, on Zoom, even on social media.  Always with the zest of bringing Jesus into the community as well.
Don’t drift.
Join community, and grow at CCF.

There are 4 Cohorts to choose from. Please choose one or two and register at the links below: