Waiver Release for Youth Relationship Series

Parents of CCF Youth, 

Throughout the duration of the month of June our “Real Teens”, High School Youth Ministry will be meeting every Friday Night at CCF from 6:00pm-8:30pm starting on June 4th. 

 Here at CCF we care deeply for our students’ emotional, physical, as well as Spiritual well being. During our meetings in June, all of  our discussions  will be centered around Relationships as we look at how Scripture prescribes how we are to live in community with others.

Throughout our discussions on Relationships, topics such as: boundaries, friendships, dating, intimacy, sex, & marriage will be heavily discussed from a Biblical perspective.

We feel that the church should lead the charge and be the thermostat on these issues especially for our 9th-12th grade students , but we also feel that we owe it to our parents to make them aware of the sensitive topics that will be discussed in the coming month.

Before June 4th, we ask that you sign this waiver indicating that you were made aware of the types of discussions we will be having here at Real Teens.