RSVP Sunday Service

Dear CCF Family,
Covid-19 is easing in our area but is still very much among us.  New cases are occurring every day in PG County.  However, the numbers are dropping significantly from where they were 6 weeks ago.  We are not experiencing the surge that some parts of the country are.  PG County has not opened up as quickly as some parts of Maryland since the prevalence of the virus has been quite strong in our area.  But guidance from PG County Executive Angela Alsobrooks says that houses of worship may hold in person worship @ 25% capacity and practice of safety measures such as wearing masks and physical distancing.
These facts are what make it a reasonable possibility to invite a number of you to join in person worship in our CCF Worship Center this Sunday, June 28.  It is not a return to normal.  It is a step into a new hybrid reality that is consistent in our goal of experiencing the reality of Jesus as we meet with gathered hearts in His name.
Our CCF application of PG County regulations have us determining a cap of 75 people in the building.  To help us comply with this number please RSVP by registering/reserving a seat on our website (  If you have not responded by RSVP we will gladly register you at the door providing we have not reached our cap.
We will have the following safe-guards in place to care for the on-going health of you and your household:
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Only the main lobby doors will be open to enter and exit.
  • Everyone present will be registered so we can stay in compliance and contact trace.
  • Greetings should occur with words, and elbow or foot bumps.  (We must refrain from the classic CCF hug.)
  • Ushers will seat you in the worship center, so you and others are properly social distanced.
  • Certain areas of the building will be off limits.  It is not possible for us to allow you to do a tour. (Off limits: Gym, Children’s wing, Upper Room)
  • You are asked to sanitize the area you use in the restroom.  Only main hallway restrooms will be available.
  • Conversation and other social interaction is welcomed outside.  We will guide you to not stop and socialize in the worship center or in the lobby.
  • Please, if you are feeling unwell, please stay home and engage on CCF Facebook Livestream.
The risk of transmission is greatly reduced by wearing masks and being outdoors where there are no walls or ceiling to stop the viruses from disbursing.  Socializing and catching up with others is encouraged outside.
However, in order to maintain a high quality Livestream worship service we will meet in our Worship Center, rather than holding worship outdoors.
We believe this is the best approach to continue to serve our whole CCF body.  There is no first or second class for engaging by Livestream or engaging in person.  All are welcome and encouraged to join in and participate!
God’s Spirit, made known to us through Jesus, is active among us!  These regulations do not diminish His power or the reality of his presence as we gather in heart with heart unity to worship Jesus!  His welcome extends to us and to those we meet, in person and digitally, who are not yet walking in the reality of a growing relationship with Jesus. 
See you Sunday, in person, or on line!
Pastor Glenn