Great Big Beautiful World
VBS 2020

Great Big Beautiful World at CCF is a 3 Day OUTDOOR, Vacation Bible School. It begins with the creation story in Genesis 2 and includes psalms, stories of Jesus, and the vision of a new heaven and new earth in Revelation. This comprehensive look at the biblical story reveals God’s deep love for all of creation, including each child. Great Big Beautiful World invites children to see the ways God cares the earth and challenges them to be part of caring for and preserving the created world.

Each day starts with relationship-building, joint worship, music, and a dramatic presentation of the Bible story. This is a time to SOW seeds of friendship, joy, generosity, and wisdom. These seeds will GROW as children explore, create, play, and learn about God’s story at three response stations. In closing worship, children will be challenged to GO out into the world to care for the beautiful world God made.

Goals of Great Big Beautiful World:
Enjoy the beauty and wonder of creation together
Invite children to love God the Creator
Encourage children to notice the ways that we impact the natural world through our choices and actions.
Challenge children to join God in caring for all of creation
Children’s Faith Formation

There will be 3 sessions with varying locations. Please choose one and register at the link before: