Worship Center A/V Projects

Thank-you for your support and enthusiasm for the Audio Visual replacement projects that enable us to share the good news of the resurrected life of Jesus in clear and compelling ways!  The 3 AV projects are described in a comprehensive overview with total cost throughout this page.  We want you to be well informed and well involved as you ask the Lord Jesus what He is asking of you to give.

Our CCF By-laws state that projects over $20,000 USD that are not part of our operating budget require congregation partner affirmation.  Below is the specific step that authorizes the spending.  Since we are hoping to implement the 3 projects simultaneously, which combine for close to $40,000, we want to give the benefit of the doubt to you our partners, the core life of our body, by making sure you are with us.  The funds for use in the AV projects are received through the specific fund raising contributions (above normal tithes and offerings) and supplemented as necessary through reserve fund balances.

We asked for your affirmation by indicating your support in answer to this question:
"Do you affirm the purchase of the replacement AV equipment with funds outside of general budget funds not to exceed $42,000" and the partnership of Capital Christian Fellowship responded with a responding YES !

Dear CCF Family,
                                                         “Enable your servants to speak your word with great boldness.”

That is a prayer the disciples of Jesus prayed. It is our prayer too.  Boldness is only necessary when the message is being heard.  Being heard in clear and compelling ways is what our Audio Visual Support campaign is all about.  Over the last 4 months, we have received bids and worked with two separate consultants on these 3 projects. 

There are 3 distinct projects before us right now:

The 2 projectors for the screens at the front of the worship center: They help us focus:
  • With the words of songs as we praise God together
  • With the text of Scripture the Spirit of God is communicating truth to us
  • With the visual support for message points and illustrations
And in our Covid season even one more reason:
  • With the ability for those in the Worship Center to see on screen what people are seeing in their homes on screen…And for persons on-line to speak and be seen and heard in the worship center
This project is about: $17,000.

Speakers and microphones—that make the worship and speaking heard across the whole room and regulated so it is not too quiet in one part and too loud in another
This project is about: $18,000.

Video cameras—that enable us to have worship on-line.
 This project is about: $5,000

Adding these 3 projects together and rounding up for a bit of contingency is a combined total of $40,000.00
The Executive Board has already set the pace by giving or pledging: $5,400.00

You can give in support of this priority of extending the good news the life the Resurrected Jesus grows in us by simply contributing to the total designated for:
                                                                                                           “Worship Center AV Projects”
Or you may bring a more personal connection to your giving by sponsoring a specific piece of equipment.  Or encourage others to give by asking them to join you to cover the cost of a speaker or other piece of equipment.  To get specific equipment prices to donate please talk to: Pastor Akeia, Paris Rossiter, or Pastor Glenn.

Your gift may be given at any time through our normal channels of giving.  Or you may pledge the amount you intend to give by the end of May.

As always our request is that you ask God what he wants you to give into this project above your regular giving to CCF.  Please respond by giving your designated gift via our app, website, check or envelope or telling us of your pledge to give at a later date. There is a quick form below that will email to Ruth Yoder.

For the clear and compelling message of Jesus!
Pastor Glenn

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