Children & Youth Ministry at CCF

Here at CCF we have a safe space for all youth from Preschool- 12th grade to be encourage, engaged, & equipped with the Word of God. We believe that the Command to make disciples out of all nations does not have an age qualification. Just as Jesus welcomes all children to come to Him we are committed to assuring that our young people  both within our walls and in our community come to see the Light of Christ while they are young. 

Kids Hub
Grades k4-5th

On Sunday Mornings during our service our elementary aged children are introduced to the The Word of God in ways that engages all of their senses. After praying & singing together our students are broken up into grade level groups where our teaching teams walk through the “Gospel Project”  curriculum as they learn how to see Christ in every book of the Bible.

Grades 6th-8th

Middle School is such a pivotal season in a child’s life and that’s why we engage this age group so intentionally. We work to create a smooth transition from 5th grade children‘s ministry to 6th grade Youth Ministry. Our middle schoolers meet with our high schoolers on Sunday morning, but on Friday Nights our middle school students meet with gender specific groups. Our middle school boys are lead by our Male partners on Fridays nights  while our middle school girls are lead by our female partners on Friday nights. 

91.2 Crew
Grades 9th-12th

We believe in training up our high school students to make disciples out of all nations starting in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods. We aim to provide a safe space for them to come, be heard,  poured into, and encouraged as they navigate what it looks like to follow Christ at a young age. Our High School students meet together on Sunday mornings as well as for youth Night on Fridays where they are often broken up into smaller groups as they walk through the Scriptures to discover how it is that Christ is calling them to live.
“I will say concerning the Lord,
who is my refuge and my fortress,
my God in whom I trust:”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭91‬:‭2‬ ‭

Pastor Joseph Alexander Children & Youth Director 

Born and raised right down the road in Riverdale, MD Pastor Joe felt the calling to Pastor during his sophomore year at Lanham Christian School. As he began going off to undergrad at North Carolina Wesleyan University to major in Religion, he began to engage the youth in the neighborhood of his hometown in Riverdale as he realized that the nations were right in his backyard. After graduating from undergrad in 2019 he began work as the Athletic director at Lanham Christian School while beginning a ministry in Riverdale called Peacemakers which engaged middle-high school youth that he had built relationships with through the Gospel.

After becoming a partner and Children & Youth Director at CCF in the fall Of 2020 he married his then fiancée Kimberly who works alongside him in ministry. CCF children & Youth Ministry has grown exponentially and is proud to have so many young people plugged in that are on fire for Jesus!

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