Fire Alarm System

April 22, 2021

Greetings CCF Partners!

Our CCF By-laws say that our Executive Board must gain the approval of CCF partners when we face an expenditure of $20,000 or more that is not included in the budget.
We are once again at another major replacement need.  Our fire alarm system control panel is about to shut down.  Several different technicians, who have looked at it due to recent fire system malfunctions and routine inspections, have told us we may only have days until it fails completely.  If the control panel fails we need to either completely shut down the building or have someone patrolling the building on manual fire watch 24/7.

Hence the urgent timing to ask you CCF Partners: Do you approve the expenditure of $29,800 to replace our fire alarm system?

Please reply “yes” or “no”.

Additional Information:
Recently we faced a similar situation of greater than $20,000 unbudgeted expense with our Worship Center AV needs, and you gave your approval.

CCF maintains a Building Fund that due to recent facility needs must be replenished for greater sustainability.
For a longer range context CCF Executive Board recognizes that our delightful building is also about 20 years old and thus some of the original systems are at a point where we need to replace them and repairs and replacements are occurring more frequently than they used to.

This is simply to report that the Executive Board is giving attention to addressing this need in a more systemic way rather than facing each issue piecemeal.

Please stay tuned for notice of that specific longer term proposal.

Pastor Glenn