Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips currently serves as the Adult Discipleship Director at CCF.    With over 35 years of experience in multiple ministries, Scott has a passion to equip, educate and encourage others into discipleship and a closer relationship with Christ.  As a retired U.S. Air Force veteran, Scott has been involved in ministry around the world and has an intense desire to impact the lives of believers from children to adults for the Kingdom of God.

Along with his knowledge and experience in current information technology and deep devotion and diligence to scripture, Scott strives to bring the Gospel message to CCF and others impacted by our outreach in a relevant and dynamic way.  Through multiple platforms, Scott’s desire is to prepare every believer to be an active and vital part of building God’s kingdom here and now.

Scott has been married to his wife (Elizzabeth) since 1982 with two adult children and eight grand-children.  He currently resides in Bowie MD and has other commitments to the community.