Lesson 3: Managing Stress and Anxiety

Feb 2, 2023


1) What is stress? Is it the same as anxiety?

2) What are the differences between positive and negative stress? Describe some differences?

3) Why does it appear as if our culture is in a stress crisis?

4) What is adrenaline and how does it impact us physically and mentally during stress or


5) What are some helpful stress management techniques?

Recommended Resources

1) Adrenaline and Stress: The Exciting New Breakthrough that Helps You Overcome Stress

Damage, Archibald Hart.

2) Thrilled to Death: How the Endless Pursuit of Pleasure Is Leaving Us Numb, Archibald Hart.

3) Anxious for Nothing, Finding Calm in a Chaotic World, Max Lucado.

4) The Anxiety Cure, Archibald Hart.

5) Redefining Anxiety: What it Is, What it Isn't, and How to Get Your Life Back, John Delony.

6) Battlefield of the Mind, Winning the Battle in Your Mind, Joyce Meyer