Lesson 5: Family Systems, Breaking Generational Patterns

Mar 30, 2023

Family Systems, Breaking Generational Patterns


1) Using Abraham’s life story found in Genesis starting at chapter 12 - 25, what adverse

generational processes did he and his family’s dynamics set into motion?

2) Continuing with Abraham children, specifically his two sons, Isaac born of Sarah, and

Ishmael born of Hagar (Genesis 21), what do you see brewing that will impact this family in the

future, and why?

3) What is a transitional family member? And why are they so important?

4) What are some ways to break dysfunctional family dynamics?

Recommended Resources

1) Spiritual Warfare, Tony Evans.

2) The Fight for Family: Defeating Generational Dysfunction, Finding Generational Freedom,

Francie, Willis.

3) Article, UCG.org / Good News / Can You Break the Cycle of Generational Dysfunction?

4) Secrets of Your Family Tree: Healing for Adult Children of Dysfunctional Families, William

Henry Cloud, John Townsend, Earl Henslin, Alice Brawand, Dave Carder.